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Message From CMD Sir On 27th Sep 2012

First of all,

Thank You everyone for supporting us at Nmart and you all have proved to be a true Nmartian. This makes me so proud that every single family member of Nmart family, Associate, Friends, Vendors are the true supporters of Nmart. 

Looking all comments posted by all of you, makes me so energetic and gives me a power to work more for all of you. I'm sure that we will bring you to a new world of Nmart very soon. We are not stopped, but We are working with more Power and with more Ideas to make the world of Nmart a better place to Experience.

I urge and request all our Nmart Members, NCTL & Associates give their co-operation by visiting their nearest Nmart retail outlet to take the exact notes on a current situation and condition of the stores nearby you, also to explain the situation to our customers, Vendors and members, what we are currently working on to Improve for their future as well as how our company Supports to ever customers and members. 

I assure that the current situation is a temporary situation and we are resuming our work again Very Very Soon. 

Thanking You all Once Again