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Dear All........
Please note as i stated earlier you all(first 300) have to come on 13th October till 2 pm @ Sanjay Gandhi National Park,Boriwali Station,Mumbai......Except Rajastan and Gujrat Associates, for Gujrat and Rajastan information will be given tomorrow .......Phone calls from N Mart in house is in progress everyday for confirmation of New beginning.  

                       Program schedule for all(first 300)

1)13/10/2014. .2.00 PM...Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Boriwali Station, Mumbai Mr. Sanjeew        Sanghya and other coordinators will help you at Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
2)You all will reach to Resort till 4.30 Pm by Buses provided by company.
3)You all will welcome by Resort staff with Tea or Juice
4)6.00 pm first seminar of all associates followed by Dinner.
5)14/10/2014 full day program till 7.00 PM with Breakfast,Lunch,High Tea.
6)You will be left to Mumbai back at 9.30 Pm by Buses.
               Please share this information for all associates who are coming to program.

For all Diamonds Information will be given Personally by Dr. Riyaz